Please note that WSDC rules take precedence over anything below.

Competition Requirements

* All competition is subject to World Swing Dance Council rules.
* All competitors must hold a weekend pass/ticket to The Event and pay the competition registration fee.
* All competitors must check-in prior to competition and have Bib Number assigned to you at the time of registration.
* All competitors must sign a waiver and are responsible for reading these guidelines. You are also responsible for checking postings or attending any scheduled meetings to assure you are placed in the correct dance/division.
* All contests must have a minimum of five (5) couples to be considered a valid contest.

Competition Categories


Jack & Jill

Must use your WSDC Competitor ID# on Registration Form If you are a new competitor without a WSDC ID#, you will be assigned one if you win points in a competition.
* Advanced/All-Star, Intermediate, & Novice: Corresponds to WSDC level.
* Newcomer: Know the basic patterns of Swing dancing, and have not placed in a Novice division at any competition.
* Master’s: Age 50 and above.
You may lead or follow in a competition regardless of gender, but not both in WSDC Jack & Jill competition.

Strictly Swing

Level is decided by the higher WSDC level of the two members of the couple.
You may lead in one Strictly Swing division and follow in another Strictly Swing division, regardless of gender, but not both in the same Strictly Swing division.

Rising Star

This routine division includes all styles of Swing: West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Hustle, Shag and any other style of popular swing dance. It is for couples that have limited experience with chorography and do not want to compete against professionals in an open classic division. Routines are danced in a solo format. Dance order is chosen at random andposted prior to the division start time. Music provided by each couple must be a single track on a clearly labeled CD at least 2 minutes but no longer than 3 ½ minutes. If either partner has previously placed 5th or higher in a NASDE Classic or Showcase event they are no longer eligible to compete in Rising Star. If a couple has a total of 3 first place wins together in any Rising Star division they cannot dance in Rising Star.

Contestant Sign-ups

All contestants can register online or at the event.  See the event schedule for on-site sign-up deadlines.

Contestant Meetings

There will be “NO” contestant meetings.
Jack & Jill and Strictly Swing: You must check-in with your Bib number at the scheduled times and location.
Rising Star: You must be familiar with the rules of the contest. Be sure to read the rule/guidelines package.
If you have any questions regarding the competition, you may ask the Chief Judge/Contestants’ Representative. You may also petition for change of dance level. Purpose of check-in is to ensure you are in the correct division, confirmation of names/spelling, and to draw for dance order for Rising Star.


There will be a minimum of five Judges for all competitions. In addition, PSC will have a Contestants’ Representative/Chief Judge and Alternate Judges available.

Scoring System

Scored by relative placement. Contestants will be judged in the preliminaries and/or semi-finals as an individual and as a couple in any and all finals.

Music and Video

Music for the Strictly Swing, and Jack & Jill competitions will be the responsibility of PSC and DJs. Competitors may video their competitons.

Rising Star

Music and Floor Tryouts

Music: Couples are responsible for their own music selection. Music must be on CD, identified with the contestant’s name, and must be given to the DJ at least 2 hours prior to their competition on Saturday.
Practices: You are welcome to use the Ballroom on as scheduled for practice..

Posting of Results

The results of all the competitions will be posted on the night of the awards after awards are given out. The location for the posting will be announced.

Procedure for Competitions

Competitors may compete in one Jack & Jill contest, and two other couples contests (with different partners), i.e., Strictly Swing and/or Rising Star. Competitors may compete as a lead or a follower regardless of gender, but may only compete as one or the other within the same contest.


Jack & Jill

Individuals enter without a partner and demonstrate skills in spontaneous dancing with a variety of partners. This is a luck of the draw contest. Leaders and followers are randomly paired. There will be several partner changes during the preliminary (and semi final rounds if needed).

Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced /All Star: There will be Preliminaries, Semi-finals and Finals depending on number of dance entries. Contest judged by relative placement. For Preliminaries and Semi-finals, contestants will be judged individually; in the Finals you will be judged as a couple. The number of contestants brought back for the finals will be determined in advance and where a natural break occurs when possible. The clock often makes some of the decisions.

Couples Competition

Strictly Swing Levels: Self-explanatory based on dance skill level of highest relative placement and as a couple. Competition will be in heats. Swing dancing 90% – no lifts, aerials or acrobatic moves. Penalties will be assessed for lack of swing content and any other infraction of these rules.

Strictly Swing competitors please note: NO COSTUMES and/or CHOREOGRAPHED ROUTINES – JUST DANCE! Similar clothing is acceptable.


Good sportsmanship and proper behavior is expected. If a contestant should have a cause that needs to be discussed, speak only with the Chief Judge or the Contestants’ Representative. Poor sportsmanship could be penalized or restricted from future

Judging Criteria (first looking for “the Three T’s”)

Timing: Timing points are determined by the ability of the dancer to dance on the Down beat of the music, and to include syncopations that are also on the beats of the music.
Technique: “How Well You Do What You Do”: We are looking for good footwork, balance, control, frame and line and how well turns & spins are executed. Well controlled arms and hands.
Teamwork: The ability of the partners to work together as a team. One person should not be obviously “out dancing” the other.
TEAMWORK with action-reaction is essential in good dancing.
Content: “What You Do”: the content is the CHOREOGRAPHY, planned or spontaneous, and musical interpretation through physical movement. Showing variety and contrast will enhance your dance performance.
Showmanship: “How Well You Sell What You Do”: showmanship/presentation is the ability of the dancers to keep the audience attention for the entire length of the performance.


1. Times are flexible and always SUBJECT TO CHANGE based on contestant numbers, etc
2. Please see the Event Schedule for times


We hope to answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about how points are recorded/tracked in the Points Registry. It’s the responsibility of the Event Director and Competitor to be aware of these rules.
* The WSDC only tracks and records points for Jack & Jill contests. Points will only be tracked or recorded for those who danced in the final round only.
* For events that combine divisions (i.e. Novice/Intermediate), points will be tracked for all contestants in the lower of the two divisions.
* For events that offer only one division (i.e. “Open”), points will be tracked in Advanced.
* For events that have different category names per division, please verify with the Event Director as to how points will be tracked/recorded within the WSDC Points Registry guidelines. We recommend that Event
Directors cover this terminology in their competition rule package. Note what divisions are recognized by the WSDC.
* Points received prior to the last five (5) current years will not show on the Event Director’s copy of Registry Books. They will be archived and available to see on the website (in other words, they are not “taken away”).


Dancers may petition to dance up or down one level from their WSDC pointed level. Petitions must be submitted in writing using the competition-provided form before the registration deadline of the competition being petitioned for. Changes petitioned for will be granted sparingly.

The Points Registry is available here.